Collect the NFT

If you don’t have a crypto wallet or Opensea account yet:

You can collect the token at the release time via OpenSea here. You will need to have a crypto wallet first, and we recommend Metamask. Here is some simple instruction on crypto wallet on Opensea.

Once you have a crypto wallet and Opensea account:

Go to The Garden by Sanho collection page. Purchase the tokens you like. You can make an offer to the existing owner if the token you’d like has been sold.

Here are a few helpful instructions on Opensea to make sure your transaction and minting go smoothly:

How do I purchase Ethereum (ETH)?

What are the key terms to know before I get started?

How do I buy fixed-price NFTs?

How do I make an offer on NFTs?

Redeem the print

Click on the Redeem Print button or go here

Make sure you have at least one The Garden by Sanho NFT.

We don’t currently support mobile and Safari wallet verification. Please make sure you have Chorme or Firefox with MetaMask plug-in installed.

Verify Token Ownership

Click on the the Connect Wallet or Authenticate Token Ownership. Your MetaMask wallet will pop up and it will connect once you have authorized the authentication.

If you have at least one The Garden NFT, you will be redirected to a token owner page with all your tokens listed.

You will see your tokens with status or buttons:

  • Redeem Print: The limited edition print is still available for redemption. Click on it and fill out the shipping address to claim it

  • Pending: The blockchain is still going through the process of verifying the signature, burning, and minting a new token. However, your shipping address will be recorded immediately. See detail about the transaction mechanism here.

  • Claimed: Once you have redeemed the print, the token attribute now is changed to claimed and can no longer be redeemed.

Provide and submit shipping address

Fill out your shipping address to redeem the print. Once the shipping address is successfully submitted, we will be shipping your print out in 5 - 7 business days at no additional shipping cost.

Your shipping address and contact info are stored securely.

What happens to my token once I submit my address and signature?

When you submit your address and signature, we submit a transaction to the blockchain that verifies that the signature belongs to the token holder, burns the original token and mint a new token with all of the same attributes except for the attribute indicating that the print hasn’t been claimed.

Because this change in a Token’s attribute affects it’s value,  we want to represent it on the blockchain in a way that shows proof of its approval by both the Token holder (via your signed message) and the Contract owner (only the contract owner can submit transactions to the changeTokenAttribute method).

Why are we burning and reminting the token

We additionally go through the process of burning the original token and minting a new token to protect token buyers from transactions where a scammer tries to simultaneously alter a Token’s attribute while selling the Token; by burning and reminting the token as part of the claim process, we ensure that only either the claim or the transfer can happen.

Until this transaction is confirmed, your token will be marked as “Pending” on the token holder page. If you transfer your token before the attribute change transaction is mined and confirmed, your claim will be voided.

Otherwise, as long as your claim is submitted, you will receive the print even if the claim transaction isn’t yet confirmed by the time the claim deadline passes.

Got any questions?

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